Investment Management Approach

At Lebenthal Asset Management, we believe that optionality at a particular firm is increasingly important. Having a broad menu of products increases the likelihood that clients will be able to custom craft an asset allocation to meet their risk tolerance.

Lebenthal Asset Management has built a platform that can deliver asset management products across a number of strategies and asset classes, through separately managed accounts, model portfolios and packaged products, each of which follows a specific investment process and approach. As investment managers, we want our clients to understand the thought process that underpins the execution of our investment strategies.



LAM’s roster of experienced portfolio managers specialize in the following strategies: US All-Cap Value Equities, US Large Cap Growth Equities, US Mid-Cap Growth Equities, International Developed Equities, Emerging Market Equities, Global Equities, Income Equities, Covered-Call Option Strategy, Investment-Grade Taxable and Tax-Exempt Fixed Income. LAM is also a minority owner of Lebenthal Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC, a woman-owned registered investment advisor that specializes in US Small Cap and SMID Cap Growth Equities.

Please contact us at (877) 425.6006 for more information on LAM or any of our strategies.

Lebenthal Asset Management - The Heckman Group

Vijay K. Chopra, PHD, CFA
Managing Director

John J. Mullin PHD
Chief Strategist

Charles Waters

Leila B. Heckman PHD
Managing Director