Lebenthal Capital Markets is an active underwriter across a broad range of new issue debt products across the ratings spectrum, including:

• Corporate Bonds (Bank/Finance, Utility, Industrial, etc.)
• Preferreds
• Convertible Bonds
• $25 Baby Bonds
• Medium Term Notes

We work closely with a targeted group of Fortune 500 companies to assist them in achieving their financing goals and enhance the execution of each transaction. We are focused on providing issuers with active coverage, market commentary, and incremental distribution channels. We maximize our value to each issuing client by providing distribution to smaller second and third tier investors not frequently covered by larger underwriters. In the debt capital markets arena, we play an important role for investors who have limited access to new issue bonds and depend on boutique underwriters for access to product.

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Equity Capital Markets

Lebenthal Capital Markets is a frequent underwriter of equities, working with a wide array of companies and private equity sponsors to provide a broad range of capital-raising activities.

Through an experienced team of equity capital markets professionals, Lebenthal is focused on providing companies with access to incremental retail and institutional equity investors.

Lebenthal’s Equity Capital Markets products include:
• Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”)
• Follow-on (secondary) Offerings
• Equity-linked Securities
• Recapitalizations

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Lebenthal is well positioned to execute share repurchase programs for companies and has established itself as a top performer, completing in excess of $1 billion in buybacks over the past year. We are committed to assisting our clients in implementing their designated strategies and employing our expertise to maximize buyback results.

Lebenthal provides share repurchase services to publicly traded Fortune 500 corporations. We offer customized and tailored solutions to companies seeking to buy back stock through 10b5-1 or 10b-18 programs. We utilize algorithms as a tool to improve performance and, as a result, enhance shareholder value for our clients. Over the past year, we have executed in excess of $1 billion in share buybacks for Fortune 500 companies.


Lebenthal & Co. - Capital Markets

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