Our respect for your goals

When Louis and Sayra Lebenthal founded Lebenthal in 1925, they had one thing in mind: To create a firm that would give small investors access to investments that had been beyond their reach.

Back then, serving the needs of the client not only came first, they were the foundation upon which the company was built. It is no different in today’s Lebenthal. The client-first culture has been handed down and disseminated through the third generation of Lebenthals, and expanded to include the wider range of constituencies and communities that connect with modern financial services firms. This philosophy informs the way we conduct ourselves and is codified in a comprehensive code of ethics and a strong culture of compliance and regulatory oversight that seeks to protect and preserve the interests of clients.

These aren’t just empty words. Take it from the matriarch and founder of Lebenthal’s legacy, Sayra Lebenthal, who sent out this letter to clients in Lebenthal’s 47th year:


The Woman’s Perspective

As a company, our identification with the female perspective is in our DNA. Inspired by Sayra’s trailblazing example and led by her granddaughter Alexandra Lebenthal, we have always been an active defender of female clients, a proponent of women’s issues and supporter of female financial advisors.

Female clients look at the world uniquely, and their situations require an understanding that goes beyond the typical client engagement and service construct. A female client may be going through a transition in her life, such as a divorce, or widowhood, that is scary or worrisome. She might be coming into money—through inheritance, or divorce—or she might be learning how to live with less. She might be too busy to directly manage her own accounts, or she just might not have the tools or sophistication to properly manage her financial life. The female client may require a more patient, deliberate, educational approach. We are more than happy to teach while we serve.
Generalizing is always dangerous, but we believe we are absolutely correct in our view that women are terrifically suited to the financial advisor profession. They are great at listening, empathetic, long-term thinkers, organized and comfortable in an advice-giving role. We are so convinced of this that not only have we made Lebenthal a welcome home for female advisors, we started a magazine just for them. Launched by our parent company in the fall of 2014, SAYRA magazine is devoted to serving the nearly 90,000 female financial advisors in the United States, the only publication of its kind.
Our institutional focus on women extends beyond our doors and into the community. Our interest in women-owned businesses and charities that focus on female empowerment is self-evident. Not only does Lebenthal have minority ownership stakes in two women-owned businesses, but it actively seeks to do business with them and help them with issues such as access to capital and allocation of assets.

With Colleagues

An organization works best when there is a shared sense of mission and a common value system. We work hard to create and maintain that kind of workplace. If our corporate community is healthy, we are confident that we can deliver results to our customers, clients and shareholders.

In the Community

There are so many ways to give back, on an individual and corporate basis, and the management and employees of Lebenthal are proud of their community involvement.