US Equities

Lebenthal Asset Management’s capabilities encompass several domestic equity strategies.

All-Cap Value Equity Portfolio

The All-Cap Value Equity Portfolio seeks to capitalize on the pricing inefficiencies of smaller stocks and the potentially greater stability of larger companies with the goal of providing long-term capital appreciation. The Portfolio Manager uses in-depth proprietary research to identify under-valued businesses with solid balance sheets that are run by superior management teams.

— Portfolio Manager: James B. Lebenthal, CFA

Lebenthal Asset Management - All Cap Value Strategy

John B. Carey, Jr.
Managing Director

James B. Lebenthal CFA
Chief Executive Officer, Lebenthal Asset Management, LLC & Chief Investment Officer, Lebenthal Wealth Advisors, LLC

Chase Smith

Aurora GARP Equity Portfolio

The Aurora GARP Equity Portfolio is a process driven discipline that seeks consistent growth of principal with relatively low volatility. Our intent is to add consistency to our results and allow our emphasis on security selection to drive returns. The Portfolio Manager utilizes a “bottom-up” approach for its “Growth At the Right Price” discipline to equity investing.

— Portfolio Manager: David J. Yucius, CFA

Lebenthal Asset Management - Aurora Group

Allison Roy
Vice President of Trading & Operations

Brenda Bradford
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Michael Doyle
Vice President

David Yucius, Jr., CFA
Portfolio Manager

The Griffin Group

The Griffin Group manages portfolios utilizing Dividend Growth, Growth and Covered Call strategies. The strategies are focused on generating compelling risk adjusted returns for different needs and risk tolerances.

Lebenthal Asset Management - The Griffin Group

Karin Mason

Joseph LoBue

Lee Metzendorf
Managing Director

Thomas A. Famigletti
Managing Director

Douglas M. Famigletti, CFA
Managing Director

Dividend Growth Equity Portfolio

The Dividend Growth Equity Portfolio seeks to invest in the stocks of dividend-paying companies with the expectation that their dividends will be raised over time on a consistent basis. Our intent is to earn an income stream that grows at least as fast as the rate of inflation, while limiting the downside volatility to principal. The Portfolio Manager utilizes a bottom-up, value-oriented approach to dividend growth equity investing.

— Portfolio Manager: Christopher C. Liu, CFA

Lebenthal Asset Management - Dividend Growth

Christopher Liu, CFA
Vice President

Enhanced Equity Income Portfolio

The Enhanced Equity Income Portfolio seeks to maximize the dividend income stream on a high quality equity portfolio in a risk-averse manner. It utilizes a covered call option strategy to generate additional income, which enables it to participate in long-term equity returns, with an emphasis on current income. The Portfolio Manager uses in-depth proprietary research to identify under-valued businesses with solid balance sheets that are run by superior management teams.

— Portfolio Manager: Michael Jamison

Lebenthal Asset Management - Enhanced Equity

Michael Jamison
Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Lebenthal Asset Management – Large Cap Growth Strategy

The Large Cap Growth Equity Portfolio seeks capital appreciation and above average growth through identification of market-leading, fast growing companies with sustainable competitive advantages. As an integral part of the investment process, individual securities, industry, economic and market risks are identified and managed through careful stock selection, thoughtful portfolio construction, and strong sell discipline to minimize losses.

Lebenthal Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC

LAM is minority owner of Lebenthal Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC, a woman-owned and managed SEC-registered investment advisor focused on small and SMID capitalization stocks. It seeks maximum capital appreciation. The Portfolio Manager uses fundamental research and data screening to position early with companies viewed to have the highest potential growth. Lebenthal Lisanti advises on the Lebenthal Lisanti Small Cap Growth Fund (ASCGX) and serves the institutional marketplace through separate accounts for public plan, corporate, endowment and foundation clients.

— Portfolio Manager: Mary Lisanti, CFA

Lebenthal Lisanti Capital Growth - Small Cap and SMID Cap Growth

Justin Keating
Analyst, Research

Kit Yee Martin
Chief Administrative Officer

Mihaela Zahariuc
Senior Vice President, Research

Timothy Woods, CFA
Managing Director & Senior Research Analyst

Mary Lisanti, CFA
President & Portfolio Manager