THE LEBENTHAL STORY began nearly a century ago

First established in 1925 by the husband-and-wife team of Sayra and Louis Lebenthal. Lebenthal began with the novel approach of educating everyday people on the wisdom of investing in municipal bonds rather than having their savings sit in a bank. The idea was a popular one and the firm grew by word of mouth and the many newspaper ads and television spots it ran. The firm evolved to offer comprehensive financial planning and a full range of services, but still stands for what it always did – helping hardworking, everyday people invest for the future and pursue their goals.

In 2019, Long Island investment professionals Michael Hartzman and Dominick Tavella partnered to purchase all rights to the legendary “Lebenthal” name. Hartzman & Tavella have been friends since 2005, worked together for eight years, and ran their own successful businesses for decades. Michael Hartzman and Dominick Tavella focus has been their philosophy of best practices and fiduciary responsibilities.