OUR DIFFERENCE is a refreshing departure

Living and working here on Long Island, you could say we’re in close proximity to Wall Street, but we might as well be a million miles away. While we are very experienced financial professionals, we are everyday people nonetheless who can relate to you and your financial needs, concerns and goals. Among our team leaders, you’ll find the sons of a bricklayer and a seamstress and a truck driver.

Much like our clients, we started from humble beginnings and worked hard to build successful careers. As a result, we relate well to people who know the value of a dollar and focus on essential things like educating their children and preparing for retirement.

It’s why we’re so committed to working hard on their behalf, providing comprehensive financial planning tethered to their aspirations. We find great fulfillment in seeing them make progress toward each goal that comes along as their lives evolve and their families grow.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”
Winston Churchill